Metaverse – Should We Be Paying Attention to This?

Metaverse – should we be paying attention to this?

The metaverse, a foreign concept to many of us, will generate an estimated $825 billion in revenue by 2030. Coming to a millennial near you, it is important for us to consider this opportunity. The key is when, how, and who? When will we need to consider this, how do we get onboard, and who will be our customer?

This is still uncharted territory, but many brands have registered their intellectual properties in the metaverse. Do we wait and see or do we brave the frontier?

Key Takeaways 

  1. Is this something you should consider or is the metaverse to hot to handle?
  2. The technical elements such as brand registrations and costs – after all the bread by soak in the sauce!
  3. A future sales avenue or just a pain in the bum?