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Below are some of the ways in which we have helped our existing community to navigate through these interesting times and how we can help you too:

Figure things out

With so much of training and content around, its hard to sift through whats good to know and whats particularly valuable and impactful for your business. Our main aim is to help you understand what your business needs, right now.  

Getting you contract-ready

We know SMMEs in South Africa still struggle to access markets and get sustainable contracts. We have experts on hand to talk you through the various processes essential for accessing your markets.

We’ll help you find more clients

Growing your client base means not having to rely on only delivering to a single corporate.

We’ll help you apply for access to funding

While many SMMEs need help with completing their funding application, business plan and supporting documentation, few have the skills and experience needed to package and present their request properly.

Let us help you

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